guys i think this might be the best gif EVER

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Might get a tattoo…

So since the year of 2001, I have use the name Azurestreak as my internet handle, well either that or the short version azurii, this name comes from the game diablo. My friends Danny and Mike were intending to play diablo 2, so I played diablo (the original) as nostalgiac preparation, and the phrase ‘azure and crimson become one as the sun’, this stook in my memory.

When we were preparing our matching names on diablo 2 we decided we would follow Dannys lead as he already had begun a character he called Crimsonstreak. Our decision was to name ourselves the shade of a colour followed by streak. Mike had decided on Navystreak and can still be found on the internet as such (sometimes with a space or an underscore separating the words) and the memory of azure and crimson popped into my head, I chose Azurestreak.

Azurestreak. Which as I had never heard it outloud I pronounced asia-streak, and to this day I still pronounce it like that, although Azurestreak is made up of both Azure and Streak I claim Azurestreak as my own word, my name, my name on the internet, I am Azurestreak.

As of right now I have mentioned to people numerous times I intend to have Azurestreak tattoo’d on my upper left arm, after some planning I have decided to pay homage to diablo, by having it in the font exocet, and Mark (my girlfriends, mothers, boyfriend) has told me that his friend will tattoo it on me really cheap, I think I might get it done…

Apparently having one of these is cool?

So as I am a nerdfighter I was watching the vlogbrothers livestream for the release of TFioS and so many people that were in that livestream kept mentioning tumblr, and i’ve know about it since Hank mentioned it in an early video, so that makes it cool. And my sister uses it too but i’m sure she only uses it for .gif of misfits and the like especially the monkey slut one which I will reblog…